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Soaring Together is dedicated to empowering and inspiring teen business owners who want to reach their goals through resources and encouragement. In this community, we lift each other up so that everyone can soar.

Meet Anna

Anna is the 15-year-old founder of Soaring Together, the only community for teen business owners focused on helping them reach their goals. Through her resources and encouragement, Anna has helped over 400 teen entrepreneurs take action to find their customers and create a solid marketing strategy. You’ll often hear her say “you got this”, “get it girl”, or “let’s do it”, because she believes every teen business owner has something so valuable and important to share. Connect with Anna and join the community at


TEDxYouth@CherryCreek Speaker

How can high school students develop critical thinking skills, courage to use their voice, and become more effective communicators? Creative writing. It’s powerful… but it’s not what we’re taught in the classroom.

In this talk, Anna explains how language arts teachers can prepare their students for The Real World.

Host of Soaring Together 2022

Soaring Together 2022 is a free online event for teen business owners. Every day for 4 days, 4 pre-recorded workshops from teen and adult business owners went live, so that our 200+ attendees could watch from home. We covered topics like selling at pop-up shops, planning for product launches, capturing product photography that sells, building relationships on Instagram, and more.

2021 Denver Startup Week Panelist

Makers are masters of their crafts, which can be at odds with the digital marketing landscape that yields customers and sales. So how do you simultaneously champion traditional craftsmanship and leverage technological advancement in order to make amazing products and attract customers? Who better to break down the tips and tricks of social media marketing than young people? Join us as an impressive panel of youth makers and entrepreneurs discuss their processes to gaining a widespread following, attracting subscribers, and increasing the ROI on their marketing dollars.

Favorite Topics

Creating a Website for Your Shop – the Dos and Don'ts

Goal Setting for Success

DIY Product Photography + Styling for Small Businesses

Contact Anna

If you'd like to book Anna to speak, interview her for your podcast, have her write a guest post for your blog, or discuss another amazing collaboration or content creation idea, send her an email at Typical response times are 2-3 business days. Thank you so much for your interest!