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About the Toolkit

Maybe you’ve tried all the “reels hacks” to go viral. Maybe you’ve spent hours researching “Etsy business tips” and “product photoshoot ideas” to get more sales. But how? We break down each step to write words and take photos that sell, create giveaways and ads to grow your audience, and pitch through email to get your products sold in boutiques and featured in the media.

What it includes

  • 2 Fill-in-the-Blank Templates

  • 4 Downloadable Guides

  • 3 Lightroom Presets

  • 2 Mini Courses

  • BONUS! ongoing access to all the presentations in Soaring Together 2022

The Downloads

  • [template #1] Instagram Giveaway + Terms and Conditions Template What to include in your giveaway caption to increase engagement and entries, and keep it legal ;)

  • [template #2] Media-Worthy Pitch Template Naomi Porter’s (she has been featured in Forbes, TEDx, and Business Insider) email template for podcasts, magazines, and interviews. Includes links where you can nominate yourself to get featured by filling out a form!

  • [guide #1] Busy Business Workbook Julia from One Tidy Day created planner sheets to organize your orders + posts, and shares activities to help you set goals for the future.

  • [guide #2] Everything You Need to Create Your IG/FB The founders of Apricotton Girls (+ winners of Hootsuite’s Social Media Makeover) teach you how to started with Instagram ads on a budget

  • [guide #3] Let's Get Real and Conquer Limiting Beliefs Uncover the beliefs that are holding you back from success and identify habits to debunk those lies… from It’s a Girls Life

  • [guide #4] Wholesale Application Guide A step-by-step checklist for the wholesale application process, showing you exactly what to do and in what order… from Happy Cam Designs

  • The Exact Lightroom Presets I Use to Edit Product Photos After 3+ years of product photography experience, Anna (host of Soaring) developed these 3 editing presets

The Workshops

  • [course #1] Instant Coffee Copy learn how to write better copy, faster from professional small business copywriter Lucy Bedewi

  • [course #2] Email Newsletter-ing to Keep Customers Coming Back with Megan Beery Learn how to set up your email newsletter in Mailchimp and attract subscribers. Includes 3 newsletter templates to get you started with writing.

How it Works

Once you purchase the Toolkit, you’ll receive login information to access all the content listed. None of this will ever be offered for free!

Are you ready to grab all these amazing resources?

You've got questions? I've got answers.

Who is this for?

The Teen Business Toolkit is for teen business owners who sell online through their own website or a marketplace like Etsy.

Are you going to make me spend a boatload of cash on software and supplies?

Nope! You already have the supplies you need to make and sell your products. Any recommended software will have a free version.

Should I wait until next year, when I have more to invest in my business?

The short answer? No. So many teens have built their business in 6, or even 3, months. Do you want to stay stuck for another year, hoping you might have a little more cash to spend later? Imagine what it would be like to take your business to the next level TODAY. That is what I want for you, friend. Don’t wait until next year. You got this!

How is this different from the free Soaring 2022 Event?

Great question! The resources in the Toolkit go above and beyond Soaring presentations that are available for free. You can find copy-and-paste templates to implement the strategies you're learning right away, without having to do the whole trial-and-error thing. You'll find courses that expand on what you're learning for more advanced business owners. There's even exclusive trainings that you can't find anywhere else. Find a complete list of what's included here.

Are you just going to give me a bunch of generic “tips” and “tricks”?

Absolutely not. Each of the speakers are experts in their topic, and have learned the strategies they teach through their own experiences (and mistakes) owning an online shop. We've had TBT students with over 400 sales and 2,000 followers, as well as beginners who just stared their shop.

Still have questions? Send me a message on Instagram.